Sunday, 25 July 2010

Problems with constipation ?

Constipation relief

Product Information:
VitoLax is the only herbal medication which possesses laxative property that can help
relieve pain and suffering associated with constipation. Its fine herbal ingredients
work effectively and put an finish to your constipation issue naturally.
How does it Work?
Constipation issue is painful and embarrassing. Thus VitoLax herbal formulation
helps to provide a complete relief from all the signs of constipation in the
following way:
► VitoLax makes bowel motility simple by adding water to the stool.
► VitoLax adds moisture content to the stool and thus provide increased bulk.
► VitoLax improves digestive functions of the body.
Why is VitoLax the preferred choice?
VitoLax unique formula benefits users in the following way:
► It is purely herbal with NO disagreeable sideeffects
associated with other synthetic laxatives i.e.
stomach upset, gastric issue, bloating etc.
► Stops irregular bowel habits
► Reduces the discomfort and bloatedness associated with constipation
► Strengthens digestive functions of the body
Plantago ovata:
It acts as a “high fiber bulk forming laxative” .Bulk forming laxative usually adds
bulk and water to your stools. The giant amount of stool helps the bowel to contract
and move the stools out.
Triphala extract:
It acts as a “stimulant laxative”. It triggers the bowel to squeeze or contract to move
the stools out.